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    Detailed installation instructions to install your own neon sign, with simple and easy cleaning.

Our Reviews

Damn, these signs look BADASS! Great job!

I went with Voodoo Neon because of the speed & communication.

Freddy Rodriguez Freddy Rodriguez

Chris was excellent. He walked me through everything.

The neon sign we got was perfect - I can tell it's top quality workmanship.

Highly recommended!

Nicole Chambers Nicole Chambers

You guys knocked it out the park. The custom neon sign looks amazing - You really captured the brand of Tiny Teddys Bites.

I'm already thinking of how we can incorporate another custom sign into our store!

Robert Baburian Robert Baburian

So exciting and so fast!

Wonderful working with you on this project - you made my life so easy.

You made what might have been an ordinary display, extraordinary!

Nikol Martinez Nikol Martinez

The 3 LED neon signs we got we're amazing - we had them quickly and up for our holiday season opening Friday night game.

I'm getting texts from people asking where we got the signs from.

People are going crazy about them!

Randy Hunter Randy Hunter

I am speechless. Absolutely amazing!!!

Thank you Voodoo Neon!

Carolina Sanchez Carolina Sanchez
  • Modern LED Neon Signs

    In the mid 1900's glass neon signs were very popular in Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Glass neon light signs are made with glass tubing, filled with a gas. When the gas comes into contact with electricity if causes a reaction, which lights the sign up. Glass neon signs are fragile, expensive to run, and near impossible to repair.

    In recent years there has been technological advancements which consign those antiquated glass neon signs to history. The modern version is made using LED flex tubing, which produces a bright and colorful glow, can be moulded to match any design, are durable, cheaper to make and use less energy.

  • Custom Neon Signs for Business

    Since the invention of high quality LED light strips in 2006, businesses have realized that once again they can safely, and efficiently light up their store front with a bright glowing sign - the modern take, being LED neon lighting.

    Nowadays, custom LED neon signs are feature in beauty salons, bars, convenience stores, offices, cafes, restaurants, gymnasiums and more.

    Capture attention and make a lasting impression with one of our custom neon signs for businesses. A unique way to showcase your brand.

  • Personalized Custom Neon Signs

    All of our personalized neon signs are made by hand by expert craftsmen, and based on our own unique designs. We can take one of our existing ready-made signs and personalize it to suit your own wants, or we can design a completely unique design based on your idea or existing design.

    Our own design team have years of proven experience in making customized neon light signs for weddings, parties, or any occasion.

    We use only the highest quality electrical components and materials to make our personalized neon signs, which ensures they are long-lasting.

  • Get the Glow with LED Neon Lights

    With nearly-endless customization options at your fingertips, we can create a truly unique neon sign for your business or home. A custom LED neon sign is the perfect way to make a visual impact for your brand, or vibrant statement at your event.

    We'll consult with you, design and then create a perfect neon sign.

    So, why wait?! - Our team are waiting for your call today.

    America's #1 neon sign maker – Voodoo Neon

Custom Neon Signs | LED Neon Light Signs | Business, Home & Event

Here at Voodoo Neon our team of professional designers specialize in manufacturing high-quality custom neon signs for business and neon décor use. We’ve worked with countless businesses to help them convert their business logo or business sign into a fully working custom neon sign.

With endless creative possibilities our custom neon signs can display any quote, logo or image, making them a versatile and eye-catching form of marketing and also decoration. They can be fully customized to suit your business sign needs – from external outdoor neon signs to indoor creative neon signs with art work. They can be functional and directional, artistic or simply promote your brand logo. We have a personalized neon and business sign solution for every business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to buy a custom neon sign?

Typically a custom neon sign design is priced in the range of $400-1700.

Obviously the price led neon signs varies based on the size of the sign, the complexity and the specifications of the sign.

We provide a FREE no obligation custom design and quote for all customers - Contact our team if this might be of interest to you.

How long does it take to make a custom neon sign?

To actually get custom neon order and make the sign itself is typically about 2-3 days - once we have an approved design, production is quite quick.

Once the sign is made we send over the post-production images and videos of the sign, so you can see what it looks like in real life ahead of it arriving at your door.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping is typically 5-6 days to all US addresses.

All of our orders include free shipping and are sent Express Post, using either UPS or Fedex

We ship via the fastest route possible and directly from our manufacturing facility on a daily basis. Our boxes are sturdy, professional grade and shipped with care.

What can I customize about a neon sign?

You have almost limitless options on what you can customize on neon signs:

  • Design: Turn any logo, design, image or idea into a LED neon sign
  • Colors: 21 different colors of LED neon lights, and you can use multiple colors in a sign
  • Fonts: You can use all kinds of fonts, including script, serif, handwritten, cursive fonts and more
  • Mounting: 10 different mounting options (including several wall mounting options, two hanging options, and a desk stand)
  • Indoor/Outdoor: We can make an outdoor weather-proofed custom sign
  • Backboard Color/Texture: UV-printing, with different colors of backboards, and patterns you can choose from
  • Backboard Cut: We can cut to letter, cut to shape, rectangle and suit any kind of cut you want
  • Dynamic Neon: By far the most advanced light sign you can buy - made with LED neon flex this provides a truly mind-blowing lighting experience with cycling or random colors and many other settings to choose from. Contact our team for a demonstration

How many colors of LED lights do you have?

We have 21 unique colors of custom LED neon lights that we can create and use in our signs.

What are neon signs made from?

All of our signs use LED lights, a solid acrylic backboard, US certified power supply, power cables and a remote control dimmer (for indoor and outdoor signs).

LED signs are cost-effective energy efficient, bright, durable, and far safer than the traditional gas neon tube lights.

What is the warranty?

We have a 2 year warranty on all of our LED neon signs.

Do you make custom neon signs for individuals and weddings?

Yes - We have created some wonderful pieces for weddings and special life events.

Talk with our team about your custom order!

Will you make a custom LED neon sign for a business?

Yes - We design and build custom neon lights and outdoor signs, for businesses.

All you need to do is send us your specification, a design file or idea.

You can talk with one of our friendly consultants about your project.

Why are LED neon signs better than gas-neon signs?

Our LED neon signs are made with LED flex - which is brighter, safer, more durable, uses less energy, is easier to mould and far cheaper to manufacture with. LED is better in every way.

Why should I buy a custom LED neon sign from you instead of your competition?

We have a proven history of delivering on our promises - Quality, Price, and Service.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should buy from us:

  1. Our signs are of the highest quality - we use only the best electrical components
  2. Our prices are competitive (We'll beat any price)
  3. We have a 2-year warranty
  4. Our customer service team are experts - we often get compliments about our staff attention to detail, professional advice and friendliness
  5. Ultra-fast turnaround times (most orders are delivered within 9 days!)

Get a custom quote today!

Are your LED lights and neon signs safe?

Yes - We use USA certified electrical components and a power supply. Our components are UL tested, and exceed the highest of American standards for electrical safety and energy efficiency.

We supply documentation on how to install and mount our signs. For most signs it's very simple - plug in the power supply and turn it on. For more complex commercial signs, we supply a diagram on how to connect.

Where to buy neon signs?

Voodoo Neon - UA #1 trusted shop for neon signs. You can buy neon signs online and direct from the manufacturer. If you're looking for cheap neon signs, lights or glowing signs, talk with Voodoo Neon.

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