Bar Neon Signs - Commercial & Home Bar Decor

Buy a neon bar sign - for use in commercial and home bars. We also offer a custom design service, allowing you to personalize designs with your bar's name and logo to create the perfect ambiance for your bar.

Decorate a Home or Commercial Bar with our Collection of Neon Bar Signs

Step into the limelight with our exceptional neon bar signs, designed to make your establishment radiate with an irresistible allure. These aren’t just ordinary neon signs for bars; they’re a fusion of top-tier craftsmanship and innovative LED technology, promising to transform your space into a vibrant spectacle that captivates the senses.

Each bar neon sign exudes a warm glow, meticulously crafted to serve as an enthralling piece of neon artwork and a functional LED sign. Whether you want to add a touch of whimsical charm or create an ambiance of subtle sophistication, these neon lights are tailored to achieve your desired aesthetic. They are not only visually striking but also incredibly long-lasting, ensuring your bar remains the beacon of buzzing nightlife it was meant to be. Bar neon signs enhance the ambiance and attract customers, making your venue a must-visit spot.

Our neon bar decor extends beyond mere decoration. It’s about creating an atmosphere that inspires stories, laughter, and meaningful conversations among patrons. The unique neon lights foster a sense of camaraderie, transforming every visit into an unforgettable experience worth repeating.

The LED light-up signs are designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance. The low-power LED technology guarantees low energy consumption without compromising brightness or color intensity. Safety is paramount; each sign has a high-quality transformer to ensure safe operation.

When it comes to bar decor, nothing comes close to the magnetic appeal of a bar sign. They’re bold and brilliant and beckon patrons from afar, enticing them with their vibrant glow and unique design. Custom neon signs cater to your establishment's specific decor and vibe, helping you stand out and attract customers. With our neon bar signs, you’re not just decorating your bar - creating an experience that resonates with every patron who walks through your doors.

Transform your space today with our extraordinary neon signs for bars. Illuminate your brand’s identity in bright lights and bold colors, crafting an unforgettable impression in the hearts and minds of your customers.

The remote control feature allows you to adjust colors, animations, and brightness settings, providing full control over the lighting effects.

Wall mounting options offer a stable and space-saving installation, ensuring a striking display that enhances the overall atmosphere of your venue.

FAQ About Our Bar Neon Signs

Product FAQ

Are your neon bar signs customizable?

We offer a bespoke customization service. We can design and create custom bar neon signs for customers who want to control the design, size, shape, fonts, and advanced features.

It is perfect for a bar, commercial, home decor, entertainment space, or style and mood setter for decor in any other space.

Please fill out this form for a custom design and quote.

What type of lights are used in your neon bar lights?

All of our neon signs are made with LED neon flex, which is made with LED lights that are bright, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient.

Do neon bar signs come in a range of sizes?

Our pre-designed neon bar signs are available in sizes from 20" to 59", and our custom neon bar signs are available in sizes from 12" to 250" and are only limited by design and the customer's budget.

How do I install a bar neon sign?

We provide an installation kit and instructions with every order. Mounting or hanging a neon sign typically takes 15 minutes.

How long is the warranty for your neon signs?

We provide a comprehensive 2-year warranty with all signs we sell.

What is the return policy?

Please read our return policy. If you have any issues with orders or products, please get in touch with our customer support team.

What is the shipping cost?

Our neon signs include FREE Express Post shipping and delivery with UPS or FedEx.

What is the delivery timeframe?

Delivery is usually within 5-6 days from the dispatch of the neon sign.

We supply a tracking link for every parcel so you know where your order is.

Are neon bar signs safe for indoor use?

Our collection of neon bar signs is designed for indoor use and is perfectly safe to touch and use indoors. They produce no gases and emit very little heat.

Please get in touch with our team for a custom quote if you require outdoor neon bar signage.

Customers who bought a bar neon sign said ..

Thank you for all the help. The neon bar sign is the perfect addition to my home bar.

S Madson S Madson

Couldn't be happier with the sign we bought - good quality and nice and bright.


amazing in our home bar.

I will be buying another one soon.

Nathan Chapman Nathan Chapman