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Neon gym signs can be used in a fitness center and home gym to create a vibrant and motivational atmosphere.

Neon Signs for Fitness Studios & Home Gyms - Fitness & Workout Neon Light Signs

Unleash the vitality of your workout space with our collection of neon gym signs. This isn’t just a sign; it’s a statement of your dedication, a testament to your strength, and a beacon guiding you toward your fitness goals. Emitting vibrant colors and illuminating your spirit, these LED neon lights are much more than mere decor.

Our gym neon signs are meticulously crafted, combining cutting-edge LED technology with impeccable design aesthetics. The radiant display of neon lights can transform any fitness center or home gym into an energetic space. This gleaming wall art keeps you motivated and focused, whether pumping iron or pushing limits. It’s the perfect blend of style and substance, adding an electrifying touch to your fitness routine.

Our neon gym neon signs are not just decorative pieces but functional tools illuminating your wellness path. These LED light-up signs cater to various fitness enthusiasts’ tastes and preferences. From motivational quotes to iconic fitness symbols, they remind you of your unwavering commitment to health and well-being. Neon signs can also promote a fitness business, creating a professional look and attracting new members with effective advertising.

Proudly hang or mount a gym neon sign on your wall and let them light up your journey towards achieving ultimate fitness. They effortlessly blend into any interior setting, enhancing the ambiance while reflecting your passion for fitness. These neon lights inspire you daily with their vibrant glow and creative designs.

Experience the power of inspiration with our gym neon signs. They captivate attention, ignite motivation, and radiate energy, turning your home gym into a dynamic workout haven. It’s not just about lighting up a room; it’s about igniting the spark within you. Embrace the glow and let it guide you to peak performance.

Fitness Studio & Gym Neon Signs FAQ

Product FAQ

Are your gym neon signs customizable?

We offer a bespoke manufacturing process where customers can have us build a custom neon gym sign. If you want a custom neon sign, please use our form to request a FREE design and quote.

Customers can choose from 24 colors, sizes, fonts, designs, and advanced features, like flashing and programmable functions. Gyms often create neon signs from their logo and any gym-specific motivational sayings or expressions.

Custom neon signs are a great option for fitness studios, creating vibrant spaces that celebrate every individual and support them in achieving their fitness goals.

How much do gym neon signs cost?

Pre-designed neon gym signs cost between $150 and $600. Custom neon signs typically cost between $300 and $1200, depending on the design's size and complexity.

Are neon signs safe to use in a fitness center?

Neon signs are typically made for indoor use but can be weatherproofed and used in wet or outdoor indoor spaces. A gym typically has exercise workouts that make people sweat (like hot yoga or many exercise classes), meaning moisture is in the air. So, it might be appropriate to have weatherproofed neon signs in many indoor spaces.

What type of neon lights are used in your signs?

We use high-efficiency, low-power LED lights in all our neon signs. LED lights are bright and durable. We use only the highest-quality LED lights on the market, which typically get 50,000 to 100,000 light hours. LED lights are bright and safe to use indoors, and produce minimal heat.

Do neon signs come in a range of sizes?

Yes - All of our ready-made signs have a range of sizes. These have been designed to specific sizes, to suit most price points for customers. Simply visit the product page of the neon sign you like and select the sizing you require.

How do to install a gym neon sign?

We provide an installation guide and kit - which includes the mounting accessories you chose for your sign - wall mount, ceiling hanging, or desk stand.

Is the neon sign covered with a warranty?

We provide a 2-year warranty on our neon light signs.

How much is shipping?

Our neon signs all come with FREE shipping. We use FedEx and UPS via Express Post. Our orders are usually delivered within 5-6 days after shipment.

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is here. If you have an issue with a gym neon sign please contact our customer support team.

Customers who bought a gym neon sign said ..

The neon sign looks perfect. Thank you to the customer service team.

Simon M Simon M

I was able to customize the font and design of the neon sign with my brand logo - perfect for my workout space and looks great on camera. Will definitely order more when I have a more permanent fitness studio.

Tom D Tom D

I bought a neon sign for my fitness centre to help motivate and inspire customers.

It was good quality and works perfectly.