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Use an office neon sign to enhance and brighten a business space. Be inspired in your workspace with office lights and signs.

Use an Office Neon Sign - Promote Team Spirit

Illuminate your workspace with the dynamic radiance of Voodoo Neon’s office neon signs. Tailored to perfection, these office neon signs are more than just decor; they embody your business’s spirit, crafting a vibrant atmosphere that fosters creativity and productivity.

Our neon signs are meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with your office interiors, creating a visually pleasing aesthetic that captivates and inspires. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your boardroom or create a dash of color for your reception area, our office neon signs provide the perfect solution.

Utilizing the latest neon flex technology, these signs are stronger and lighter than traditional glass neon, ensuring durability and safety. Crafted with cutting-edge LEDs, they are low-energy consumption and long-lasting, providing years of consistent illumination without any maintenance worries. They are not just neon light signs. They are handmade neon artwork transforming a boring business space into an environment where ideas thrive, and creativity flourishes.

Each office neon sign is a testament to Voodoo Neon’s commitment to high-quality handmade craftsmanship. Every detail is intricately handled with precision, ensuring a flawless finish that captures the essence of your brand’s personality. As versatile as they are striking, an office neon sign can be customized to mirror your brand’s logo or message, making them an effective marketing tool that subtly reinforces your brand identity. These signs also help create team spirit and serve as neon artwork centerpiece that unifies your brand.

You can create a workplace brimming with energy, creativity, and inspiration with Voodoo Neon's office neon signs. It’s not just about brightening up your space; it’s about conveying your brand’s message in the most visually stunning way possible. So why settle for ordinary when you can illuminate and inspire with a Voodoo neon lights sign? Make a statement today with our exceptional array of neon signs for offices.

Frequent Questions About Our Office Neon Signs

Product FAQ

Can I buy a custom neon sign to suit my office space?

We provide a free design service to create custom neon signs. We can design and customize a custom LED sign, including the shape, size, fonts, and colors. Using our unique design process, we are creating custom neon signs. Custom neon lets a business design a sign featuring any design, logo, company name, or imagery to suit a company office or business space.

Our custom neon signs are hand made, and created a bespoke design to suit your company, business, or brand.

Fill out this form for a custom sign design and quote.

What are the benefits of LED neon signs?

LED neon signs consume less energy, are hard-wearing, low maintenance, and offer various customization options. They also have a long lifespan and are easy to install. An LED neon sign is also available in more colors than a traditional neon sign.

Can I get a neon light sign with specific colors and fonts?

We have 24 colors of neon light available and over 100,000 font options. We can match it to a brand guide, trace a company logo, or create a design for a company name from scratch.

What lights are used in LED neon signs?

LED neon signs are made using LED neon flex, a moldable and flexible tube containing thousands of LED lights. LED lights consume little energy, are ecologically friendly, and are safe to work with, producing little heat and requiring no gases or chemicals.

Do the signs come in a range of sizes?

All our ready-made office neon signs come in various sizes - select the most appropriate size from the product page.

Is an installation kit provided?

All our signs come with an installation kit. Here are the options for our signs:

  • Flat/flush wall screw kit (default)
  • Metal pins (hold the sign 1/2" off the wall, a great visual effect with light radiating behind the sign)
  • Sticky tabs/tape (useful for rental housing or accommodation where you can't drill into the wall)
  • Hanging wire
  • Hanging chains
  • Desk stand

By default, our signs come with a flat-to-wall screw option. Additional costs are associated with the other options.

What warranty is provided with an office neon sign?

All neon LED signs we sell come with a 2-year warranty for faulty items, components, and electrics.

What is the shipping cost?

Our signs include FREE FedEx delivery - which is usually 5-6 days for delivery.

What is your return policy?

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