Country & City Neon Signs & Lights

Neon light signs of cities and cityscapes in the USA and around the World. Famous cityscapes and landmarks are in the form of neon light signs.

City & Country Neon Signs for Decor - Famous Neon Landmarks

Browse our collection of city neon lights and signs—made for decor to bring the iconic element of that country or city into your space as a neon sign. Our neon city signs are best used in a dark room or at night and are perfect for home decor or use in businesses.

Our ready-made neon signs of famous cities and countries are on this page.

Like a scene from many movies, our range was created with the idea of having pre-designed and ready-made designs for the world's most popular cities or countries.

Each neon city sign is a glowing, radiant artwork featuring the key elements of the place—most often a landmark from the city captured in a lovely neon sign—visually transporting you to that destination. Famous destinations include Manhattan, New York City, Paris, London, and Sydney, as well as their most interesting landmarks.

Crafted with high-quality LED lights, our city neon signs are stunning wall art and long-lasting decor. Whether they depict the contours and outline of a beloved country, the skyline of a dynamic city, or the silhouette of a famous landmark, our neon signs create and capture the unique charm of brilliant neon lights.

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City & Country Neon Signs FAQ

FAQ - buy a neon sign for a famous city or country

Are neon city signs customizable?

If there is a particular city you wish us to make a neon sign for, or you have an iconic landmark or place you want created in neon, we can help.

Our team specializes in creating custom neon signs with bespoke designs, colors, fonts, and sizing. Our customer service team is happy to discuss options with customers, so please fill out our custom design and quote form.

How much do neon city light signs cost?

A pre-designed lit neon city sign will cost between $150 and $400, depending on the design and size selected. A custom neon sign usually costs between $300 and $800.

Do your neon signs come in a range of sizes and colors?

Our ready-made neon signs are available in 24 colors and several sizes. Sizes range from 20" wide to 59" wide.

How to install a city or country neon sign?

We recommend having two people install a neon sign. City and country signs are usually larger, and someone needs to hold the sign and another to install it. Our neon signs all come with an installation kit and guidelines.

What is the warranty?

We provide a 2-year warranty.

What is the shipping cost?

All orders include FREE Express Post shipping and delivery with UPS or FedEx.

Our delivery timeframes are typically 5-6 days, so you don't have to wait.

What is your return policy?

Read our return policy here.

If you have an issue with an order, please get in touch with us.

What city has the best neon signs?

The city with the best neon signs is Toyko. Anyone who has ever visited Toyko knows that neon is an intrinsic part of the cityscape, and you can miss all of it. Japan is crowded with people, and neon signs are the best way for businesses to stand out.

What are neon cities?

We sell neon situated to replicate various city and county landmarks and cityscapes. Our neon cities are our range of LED neon signs designed to take you back to the location.

Customers who bought a city neon sign said ..

The neon sign resembles something from a movie, and its color and design are like the NYC cityscape.


It blew my mind - it looks exactly like Paris and the Eiffel Tower.


The city neon light is excellent. Good quality and works perfectly.