Inspirational Neon Sign: Motivational Messages to Inspire

Our collection of motivational and inspirational neon signs - Challenge and inspire to success. Create unique designs and customize neon signs to reflect your personal or business branding. These signs provide extra motivation, constantly reminding you of your goals and aspirations and offering positive vibes during challenging times.

Motivational Neon Signs to Inspire, Delight, and Challenge

You’ll find all our ready-made inspirational neon signs on this page.

This range was created with the idea of having pre-designed, ready-made neon signs for the most popular inspirational messages and quotes - this allows customers to purchase immediately.

An inspirational neon sign with an inspirational quote is designed to inspire and engage viewers, Challenging them to greater heights and pushing them further. Wisdom and inspiration can come in many forms, be they employees, friends, colleagues, or family.

Our range of inspiring neon signs includes thousands for use in gyms, home decor, and office decor. We will surely have a ready-made light-up sign to suit your lofty goal.

These signs bring color and positivity into the lives of our customers.

Fuel your motivation with our collection of inspirational and motivational neon signs. These radiant wall art pieces are meticulously crafted to serve as a constant reminder of the power of positive thinking. Lit up with brilliant neon lights and our cutting-edge LED technology, we bring a vibrant, glowing energy to any space - transforming ordinary walls into an extraordinary canvas of positivity.

Get your very own ready-made motivational neon sign today!

Inspirational Neon Signs FAQ

FAQ - inspirational and motivational neon signs

Are inspirational neon signs customizable?

We can create a custom neon sign with an inspirational or motivational message. Bespoke options include the design of the size, size, shape, fonts, colors, and any advanced features.

Our collection of pre-designed inspirational neon signs will suit those who want common sayings or quotes. Some of our most popular are “Mindset is Everything,” “Don’t Give Up,” and “No Quit.” This range is cheaper than buying a custom-made sign.

If you want a custom inspirational neon sign, please complete the form and send us your design or idea. We’ll then come back with a concept design.

What type of lights are used in your inspirational signs?

Our neon signs use LED lights, which are low-power, eco-friendly, and perfect for making modern neon signs.

The LED lights that we use typically last 50,000 to 100,000 light hours. They are durable, temperature-resistant (-5f to 135f), bright, and safe to touch (even when turned on for hours). LED lights are far superior to traditional gas neon lights from 50 years ago.

Do your inspirational signs come in a range of sizes?

Our pre-designed inspirational neon signs come in various sizes - ranging from 20" wide to 59" wide. Our custom neon signs are available in sizes from 10" to 250"+

If you want a size other than what is shown on our product page, contact us - we can help you with a custom order.

How much do motivational neon signs cost?

Usually, motivational neon signs cost between $200 and $700 - depending on size and design.

What warranty is provided with your inspirational signs?

All neon signs we sell come with a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

How much is shipping?

FREE - Our neon signs include FREE Express Post shipping and delivery with UPS or FedEx. Deliveries usually take 5-6 days.

What is your return policy?

Please read our return policy here. Our comprehensive warranty covers damage during shipping and any electrical or manufacturing faults.

Our happy customers said ..

I didn't think it would offer this brightness level in the space - it looks great. The words on the sign are motivational for the team.


I bought a sign to add inspirational quotes to my room. It works well in the bedroom, and I love it.


Thanks to the Voodoo Neon team's help, I had the best customer service experience of my life.