Wedding Neon Sign: Light-up Wedding Signs

Our collection of neon wedding signage and light-up signs.

Wedding Neon Signs & Lights for Fabulous Wedding Decor

You’ll find all our ready-made wedding neon signs on this page.

Neon signs can enhance wedding decor by providing a unique, personalized touch that complements various wedding theme decor.

This range was created with the idea of having pre-designed neon wedding signs for the most common wedding ideas, messages, and symbols - this allows customers to checkout at a lower price point.

A wedding neon sign will add a contemporary and vibrant touch to a special day, creating memorable photo opportunities for guests and the happy couple. They enhance the ambiance, making key areas like the dance floor, bar, or photo booth stand out with a personalized flair. Additionally, these signs serve as lasting keepsakes that the newlyweds can cherish and repurpose as unique home decor.

Browse our neon wedding signs - We’ve designed a ready-made collection of neon signs for weddings. This range of pre-designed neon signs includes the most common wedding neon signs.

Designed to dazzle, these signs perfectly blend elegance and playfulness, embodying the joyful spirit of love. They add a unique and personalized touch to your wedding day, making it even more special.

Our pre-designed collection includes several love signs and common wedding signs - Love Hearts, Mr & Mrs, Love You, and XOXO are some of our most popular wedding neon signs.

Crafted with precision, each of our wedding signs boasts excellent brightness and longevity - thanks to the LED lights. They’re designed to transform ordinary wedding events and spaces into extraordinary experiences.

We aim to create unique neon wedding signs that suit your style and make your wedding day one that you will remember forever.

Wedding Neon Signs FAQ

Wedding FAQ - Neon Wedding Signs, Neon Love Signs

How best to use a neon sign in wedding decor?

Here are some of the top ideas on how to use a neon sign on your wedding day:

  • Welcome Signage: Greet guests with a radiant neon sign at the entrance featuring the newlyweds' names or a welcoming message.
  • Photo Backdrop: Create an Instagram-worthy photo area with a neon sign that encapsulates the theme or sentiment of the wedding, like "Till Death Do Us Part."
  • Directional Signage: Use neon signs to guide guests to key areas such as the ceremony location, reception hall, or cocktail area.
  • Bar Highlight: Illuminate the bar with a neon sign, adding a fun and festive touch that invites guests to enjoy their drinks.
  • Dance Floor Accent: Enhance the dance floor with neon signs encouraging guests to dance the night away, such as "Boogie Wonderland."
  • Cake Display: Make the cake-cutting ceremony shine by positioning a neon sign with a sweet message or the couple's initials above the cake table.
  • Sweetheart Table Decor: Adorn the sweetheart table with a romantic neon sign, adding a personal and modern touch to the couple's seating area.

How much do neon wedding signs cost?

Our neon wedding signs typically cost between $150 and $600, depending on the design and size.

What are the shipping costs?

We provide FREE Express Post shipping on all orders, regardless of location in the USA or Internationally.

Are your neon wedding signs customizable?

Yes, we provide a service to design and create a custom neon sign. If you want more control, then you can opt for a custom neon sign - You can choose personalized text, a specific font, a design, and a background. This is a fully bespoke service, and you determine the final design.

Use this form to contact our team for a FREE design and quote for your wedding neon sign. We provide a free mock-up of the design.

What type of neon lights are used in your wedding signs?

All our signs use LED neon flex, a flexible strip of LED lights in a tube. This material is highly moldable and easy to design into a specific design. These neon LED lights are durable and last for decades. They closely replicate traditional neon lights and signs.

Neon LED signs are safe to touch, emit virtually no heat, and are suited to indoor and outdoor use.

Do your neon wedding signs come in a range of sizes?

Our pre-designed range of neon wedding signs includes sizes from 20" to 59" wide. Custom neon signs can be any size the customer wishes.

Is an installation kit provided with the wedding neon sign?

Our neon wedding signs come with an instruction guide and complete install kit. When placing your order, please inform our team how you are planning to mount or hang the sign at your wedding venue. We also provide remote control.

What is the warranty provided for wedding neon signs?

We have a 2-year warranty on all our neon wedding signs.

What is the shipping timeframe?

We use Express Post with FedEx or UPS. Deliveries usually arrive in a timely manner, 5-6 days after dispatch. We send all customers tracking information.

What is your return policy?

Please read our returns policy. If you have an issue with a wedding neon sign or light, then please contact our friendly customer service team.

Our happy customers said ..

We absolutely love the custom neon sign we got for our wedding! It exceeded our expectations. We used the neon light as a welcome sign.

It arrived fast, the shopping experience was easy, and the happy couple loved it.

Susan Myer Susan Myer

The wedding venue had a lovely, warm ambiance on our special day. Our guests kept returning to take pictures and shared the wedding hashtag on Instagram.

Loved the design and attention to detail. The best experience with customer service I've ever had.

Trent Daniels Trent Daniels

We bought a super bright neon sign for our wedding - me and my husband loved it. It was well-made and of good quality.

I would shop with Voodoo again - Recommended.

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