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Our collection of gaming neon signs for gaming rooms - Video Game Signs & Lights for the ultimate gaming atmosphere and gaming setup.

Gaming Neon Signs For Games Rooms & Decor

Unleash the ultimate gaming experience with our game room neon sign. Designed to impress, these neon signs for gaming rooms are the perfect amalgamation of style, functionality, and innovation. They don’t just illuminate your space; they transform it into an electrifying battleground that rivals any virtual world.

Every corner of your game room deserves a touch of magic, and our gamer neon light is here to deliver. Crafted meticulously with the latest LED technology, these lights ensure dazzling brightness and longevity. They’re not just lights but loyal companions that will brighten every gaming session.

But why stop at illumination? We believe in creating experiences, not just products. That’s why a gamer neon sign will double as stunning wall art. Its radiant glow and vibrant colors paint a unique picture that will bring your walls to life. They are more than just decor; they’re conversation starters that make your gaming room the centerpiece of every online gathering.

Our LED light-up signs for gaming rooms are designed for gamers by gamers. We understand the thrill of a good game and the importance of creating the perfect ambiance to enjoy it. Our neon lights are not just about lighting up your space; they’re about enhancing your gaming experience. Our customized neon lights can complement your gaming setup's color scheme and ambiance, ultimately enhancing the overall gaming experience.

With our game room neon signs, you’re not just buying lights; you’re investing in an experience. This experience combines art, innovation, and passion to create a magical atmosphere that resonates with every gamer’s heart. Experience the difference today with our neon signs in the game room, and let us light up your gaming world like never before.

Game Room Neon Sign FAQ

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What types of gaming neon signs can you buy?

We offer a wide range of neon signs for the ultimate gaming experience, Including personalized game room signs and pre-designed gaming neon lights and signs. Our personalized game room signs can be customized with your Gamertag, favorite colors, fonts, and styles to match your gaming room's aesthetic. This is how you show you are a true gamer!

Can a gaming neon sign be customized?

We offer a service to design and create a personalized gaming LED sign. Our neon signs can be customized to suit any gaming setup or aesthetic. These customization options include the use of a Gamertag, Kick, or Twitch tag, fonts, colors, size, and shape. The background design can be bespoke with a picture, image, or logo if you wish - often considered neon wall art.

Just contact our team if you want a custom neon sign.

What type of neon lights are used in your signs?

We use high-efficiency, eco-friendly, and low-power LED lights in our neon signs. Our LED lights are formed into a tubing called LED neon flex, which is easy to mold and work with. It is also durable, safe to touch, bright, and cheap to run.

Do gaming neon lights come in a range of sizes?

Our pre-designed gaming neon lights come in sizes from 20" to 59". Our custom gaming neon signs can be tailored to specific sizes, from 12" to 250"+. Sizing is only limited by budget constraints and the design.

Do your gaming neon signs come with an installation kit?

Our signs come with an installation guide and kit. This kit includes all of the components needed to mount or install your neon sign. Mounting options include freestanding, wall, or ceiling mount.

Is there a warranty for neon signs?

Our neon signs all have a 2-year warranty.

What is the shipping cost of a neon sign?

We provide free shipping with all orders, USA-wide. We use UPS and FedEx.

How long is the shipping time for a neon sign?

We use Express Post via FedEx or UPS. Delivery is usually between 5 and 6 days, from dispatch to delivery to your door.

What is your return policy?

Please read our return policy. If you have any issues with a neon sign or light you have bought from us, please contact us.

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The neon gamer sign looks great.

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Voodoo Neon helped me create a custom gaming sign for my son's bedroom - it looks great.

The whole experience, from design to delivery, was smooth and easy.

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I bought a neon gamer sign. It was good quality and worked perfectly.