Neon Love Signs & Love Heart Lights

Our collection of neon love signs and lights - Buy a love heart neon light sign for a wedding or special event.

Buy a Love Neon Light Sign & LED Light - Wedding or special event decor

Ignite the spirit of love in your living space with our love neon signs. These vibrant, dazzling decor pieces are not just signs - they provide an ambiance and make a statement. Crafted with precision and passion, our love neon signs are designed to create a welcoming and engaging glow at your wedding or special event.

Handmade from high-quality LED neon lights, our signs express a timeless message in a modern, glowing format. LED lights are designed to mimic the glow of the traditional neon. They add a captivating glow to any room, transforming it into an expressive canvas of vibrancy and emotion.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your bedroom charm or add a dash of romance to your wedding decor, our love neon signs fit perfectly on any wall, amplifying the allure of the surroundings.

A testament to sophistication and creativity, our love neon light signs seamlessly blend design with functionality. They serve as not just eye-catching wall art but also energy-efficient and long-lasting LED light-up signs. Choose from a variety of colors, including romantic pink, to match your decor and mood.

Embrace the power of expressive decor with our love neon light signs. Let the luminous glow of love transform your space into a radiant haven of positivity and tranquility - they are an experience, a feeling, a manifestation of love in its most vibrant form.

Make your walls talk with our love neon light sign – because love isn’t merely felt; it’s seen and experienced in all its glowing glory!

Buy a love neon sign today - and enhance your special day or event in the bright glow of neon.

Love Neon Light Signs FAQ

Product FAQ

Are your love neon light signs customizable?

If you have a love that knows no bounds, then you should consider buying a custom neon sign. We can create a custom neon light with a bespoke design, of any size, with any fonts, colors, and additional advanced features you wish.

Contact our sales team for a custom design.

How are your love neon signs made?

Our LED neon signs are made using LED neon flex, which is a series of LED lights inside plastic tubing. LED neon flex is moldable, energy-efficient, and safe to touch and use.

Do the signs come in a range of sizes?

You can purchase a neon love sign from our pre-designed collection, which is available in widths from 20" to 59".

A custom neon light can be bought in sizes from 12" to 250"+ - only limited by budget constraints.

How do you install a neon love sign?

Our love neon signs ship with instructions and an installation kit. They can be mounted on a wall or hang the sign from a ceiling easily.

What warranty is provided with your love and wedding neon signs?

We have a 2-year warranty for each love neon sign.

How long does it take to get a neon sign?

It takes us 2-3 days to make a beautiful neon sign.

How long is the shipping?

All our signs come with complimentary Express Post shipping via UPS or FedEx. We prioritize the fastest service for your order, ensuring delivery within 5-6 days on average.

What is your return policy?

If you have any issues related to a neon love light you bought from us please contact our friendly customer service team about your order.

Our happy customers said ..

The sign was the perfect way to decorate our wedding day - we used it in our reception.

Thanks for the excellent service. The love neon sign looks beautiful. Will share some photos.

Sarah Mencal Sarah Mencal

The sign we bought looks great.

Eye-catching, and just like the design.

Tom D Tom D

I bought a neon love sign - It was good quality and worked perfectly. Recommended.

Nicole Coffs Nicole Coffs