Neon Wall Decorations for a Stylish & Amazing Home

In recent years, neon decor has gained popularity as a stylish and modern touch to interior design.

Neon wall decorations are vibrant and eye-catching and can add a personalized flair to any bedroom, living room, or lounge room.

We consult with clients who have an idea in mind for a custom neon wall decoration.

With a wide array of designs, colors, and sizes to work through, there's a decorative neon sign to suit every taste and preference someone might have.

Let our expert team consult with you and design a decorative neon sign to suit you and your home.

Clients who bought our neon wall decor say ..

I bought a neon wall decoration for our sons bedroom - the name sign was perfect, he loved it.

Highly recommended!

Claire Rogers

Our daughters love the Hello Beautiful signs. Thank you Voodoo Neon!

An easy 5 stars!

Bronwyn Morris

Dynamic neon is insanely pretty. Suffice to say my wife loves the neon sign. I was shocked to see how bright the sign is, the space is made so much better and warmer.

Thank you Chris and Voodoo team.

Simon Anderson

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My happy place LED neon sign for home in the kitchen in pink LED lights

Inspiring neon decor for home

Ignite your space with our neon wall decorations, an ideal blend of stunning vibrancy and bold aesthetics combined with the functional element of the LED lighting. A neon sign for home is more than just an accessory; it's a statement piece that celebrates your unique style while creating a colorful ambiance that truly sets your bedroom, lounge or other home wall space apart.

Crafted with high-quality LED lights, our neon wall decor emanates a captivating glow that breathes life into any room. The vibrant colors effortlessly catch the eye and draw attention to the dynamic design, making it impossible to overlook. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your minimalist living room or elevate your eclectic bedroom, this neon sign is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

But our neon decor isn't just about aesthetics; it's designed with longevity in mind. The resilient LED lights ensure that your neon sign will continue to shine brilliantly, maintaining its lustrous appeal for years to come.

Yes to champagne neon sign for home in bright yellow LED lights with woman standing on left

Dream of a home with more than just blank walls

The best part? Our neon signs are energy-efficiency making them an environmentally-conscious choice that adds charm without adding to your utility bills.

Our neon wall decorations aren't merely a product; they are a personalized experience. With Voodoo Neon, you're not just buying an interior decor piece - you're investing in a artwork that aligns with your individuality, resonates with color, and enhances your space in a manner as unique as you.

Get yourself a quality neon sign for your home and make a bold statement with its glowing decor. You too can transform your plain vanilla wall into an expression of self, radiating with bright neon creativity and style. Embrace the magic with Voodoo Neon, get your very own neon decor artwork today.

Common Questions About Our Neon Wall Decor

Are neon signs safe to use in the home?

Yes - Our signs are a perfectly safe to use in home decor. We use only certified USA compliant electronic components and materials.

Our team are specialists in designing and building high-quality neon signs for use in home decor.

What can I customize in the sign?

Neon signs can be fully customized to suit almost any home decor use.

You can fully control:

  • Design: If you have a specific design we can work with that, if you have an idea we can design something to suit. You have full control on the visual component of the sign.
  • Colors: There are 21 colors you can choose from.
  • Mounting: There are 10 mounting options to choose from (including wall mounting options, hanging options, and a desk stand)
  • Indoor/Outdoor: We make indoor signs and can also make outdoor weather-proofed custom signs for wall decoration on your home
  • Backboard Color/Texture: UV-printing is a popular option to provide detail in a design, and we also have several color backboards to choose from
  • Backboard Cut: We can cut to letter (near naked neon), cut to shape (close cut to letters and shape), and rectangle cut.
  • Dynamic Neon: If you want flashing, color strobing and an intense neon experience then this is definitely the option for you.

Talk with our team about your specific neon sign project.

How many neon colors do you have?

We have 21 colors to choose from.

You can use up to 21 different colors in a neon sign, there is no limit to usage.

How much do neon signs cost?

Neon signs for home typically range in price from $300-$1800.

Price depends on the design, the complexity, and the size of the sign.

What is your turnaround time on making a neon sign?

We need 2-3 days to make a sign.

Once design is finalized the making of the sign is very quick.

How does delivery take of a neon sign?

We use UPS and Fedex and usually this is 5-6 business days to Express Post the sign to you. This is the fastest method possible for such a bulky item as a neon sign (even small signs are quite large boxes).

Where can neon signs be used in the home?

We often sell neon signs to use in the lounge room, bedroom, dining room, home office, garage/man-cave, kitchen and even in the bathroom.

If you're going to have a neon sign in your bathroom, though, it's advised to get a weatherproofed outdoor sign - to prevent any issues with steam, or water, on the sign.

What is the warranty on your neon wall decor?

All neon signs that we sell come with a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

Ready-Made Neon Wall Decorations

If a custom neon sign isn't necessary then here are some of our best selling ready-made neon wall decorations for home

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Chris Diprose - Author, Interior Designer and Neon Sign Consultant

Chris is our subject matter expert whose vast experience with neon signs and their use in interior design for home decor. With over 20 years experience in online consulting.

He works with customers who are looking to take their home decor to the next level and use neon signs in their home. He also has a gift for wedding and neon decor signs.

Founder of Voodoo Neon, Chris has worked with many interior designers since 2008, helping them build the perfect neon decor for homes and personal spaces.

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