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We specialise in helping businesses transform their logo into an eye-catching neon sign.

As one of the few neon sign makers in the USA we help individuals and companies create amazing logo signs.

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Customers who bought a custom logo neon sign said ..

The whole process was so easy. From design, feedback, through to the delivery of the sign. Can't recommend more highly.

The neon signs we got of our company name and logo are unreal! - like glowing pieces of art.

Sanjay Price Sanjay Price

Our beach business needed a neon sign of it's logo - went with Voodoo Neon and couldn't be more happy with the sign we got.

Thanks to Chris and the rest of the team at Voodoo.

Beth Andrews Beth Andrews

We added the neon sign from Voodoo to our office reception. I always thought our company logo was quite vanilla and plain - but lit up in LED lights and our logo is so vibrant now!

Absolutely love it.

Liz Smits Liz Smits

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Cocktails logo neon sign in red, yellow, and pink LED

Your business can be an unforgettable landmark

We take your business logo or idea and transform it into a piece of glowing neon wall art. With all of the vibrancy and color that you'd expect, you have to imagine what a custom LED neon sign of your brand would look like in real life.

We can even create the sign for outdoor use so you can use the sign on the exterior of your building or brick-and-mortar retail shop and attract customers with your new bright logo.

We can create a custom logo neon sign which is specifically designed to boost your business visibility. We tailor our design process and manufacturing to deliver a top quality LED neon business sign - with its bright and lively nature that will make your store an unforgettable landmark in your streetscape. Our neon logo signs ensure your brand stays in the minds of your customers long after they leave. The vivid colors and dynamic design bring a sense of excitement and anticipation, setting the mood for an exceptional customer experience.

Michelob Ultra logo

Be seen, be remembered with a neon business sign

Neon signs are more than just bright lights - they are advertising and marketing tools for brick-and-mortar businesses. A custom neon sign is a beacon in the night, cutting through fog and bad weather conditions, they guide clients towards your establishment.

With a custom logo neon sign, your brand will be seen and remembered. Buying one of these led neon signs, is an investment in visibility, it's an assertion of presence, for a store. Voodoo Neon are experts in consulting with businesses looking to design and build a custom logo neon sign for their business.

Illuminate not just your storefront but also the hearts of your customers with our vibrantly energetic neon signs. Stand out with Voodoo Neon – where brightness meets business.

Common Questions About Logo Neon Signs

Coffee cup logo sign

How much does a custom logo neon sign cost?

The cost of a custom logo neon sign varies based on size, custom features and the complexity of the logo design.

Logo signs are typically priced between $500-$2500 and wholly dependant on complexity, size and specifications.

Fill out the form and our team can design a concept and send you a quote.

What is your turnaround time on your neon signs?

We can make a custom neon sign in 2-3 business days. With FREE shipping an additional 5-6 business days.

Nearly all of our customers get their custom logo neon sign within 10 business days of placing their order.

We take pride in our quality product, good service and fast delivery.

How are your neon signs made?

We take a premium clear acrylic backboard and then attach LED neon flex (the LED lights) to the acrylic backing to replicate the concept design - and with this our neon signs are made. Our craftsmen have a combined 40 years of creating some of the most gorgeous signs imaginable.

We also provide an energy efficient power supply, a certified adapter, a dimmer, a mounting option (or parts to hang the sign), installation instructions and FREE shipping for all neon signs.

What is the warranty on a neon logo sign?

We have a 2 year warranty on every custom logo neon sign we sell.

Will my custom logo neon sign have a wow factor?

All modern LED neon signs have a WOW factor. Once plugged in you simply won't believe how vibrant a space can be.

Do your logo neon signs come with a power supply?

All of our logo signs are plug and play - simply connect to a power outlet. We include a US approved (UL tested) power supply, which is compliant with all American power standards.

The sign is energy efficient with very low energy consumption at 12 volts of power. Making it cost effective long term.

How do I mount a neon sign?

We have several mounting options - including:

  • wall mounting pins
  • flat/flush to the wall screws
  • 3M sticky pads
  • hanging wire
  • hanging chains
  • table stands

We have an option to suit every situation. We can share a PDF showing these in more detail.

Can you re-create a complex logo shape and design in a neon sign?

We've created thousands of neon signs from complex and intricate logos to complex shape signs with uv-printing. We've seen about as complex as one can imagine.

If you're logo has a complex shape or design, and you want all of that lovely detail in a neon sign, then we recommend UV-printing your logo to the backboard, completely replicating the detail on the backboard. We then overlay LED neon flex over the top of the design, to accentuate the most important elements of the design in bright neon lights.

How many LED neon colors do you have?

We have 21 different LED neon colors we can use in our neon signs. We can use multiple colors of neon flex within the sign if needed.

How big and small can neon signs be?

In terms of how big can we build we can make a neon sign - The answer to this is completely up to you - we can make neon signs 100' (foot) wide if need be. We are not constrained on how big signs can be.

In terms of how small can the sign be? - We have limitations on how small a sign can be. There are limits based on the logo design and the size that the neon sign needs to be for that design.

We work with you to as best as possible design to the size you want. If we cannot make the sign as small as you would like, we will advise you on how small your sign can be during the concept design phase of consultation.

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