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Neon name signs are what you might expect: neon signs with particular names lit up in neon. In most cases, a neon name sign has surnames or first names, but in some cases, they might be a personal message, product, or topic.

In this article, I provide professional advice on designing and creating a custom neon name sign. I cover its benefits, including a photo gallery, suggest ideas for use in various spaces, and explain what to consider when designing or making a neon sign.

Key Takeaways

  • A neon name sign usually presents a first name, surname, or nickname.
  • Font selection is vital as this is the basis for the design.
  • Suited to weddings, bedrooms, living spaces, or even business.

Customers who bought a neon name sign said ..

We bought two name signs, and both were fantastic. Our kids love them, and they add a real personal touch to their bedrooms.

Mike Porto Mike Porto

Thanks for the name signs; our two girls love them!

Affordable and recommended.

Sarah Anders Sarah Anders

Thanks to Shiela and the designers for the custom name sign for my son.

It looks terrific on his wall, and I love how you can dim it overnight.

I will come back in the future.

Zoe Treeborn Zoe Treeborn

Benefits of Neon Name Signs

Apart from the apparent lighting aspect, neon name signs provide a unique and stylish way to decorate a space with applications for weddings, events, home, and even business decor.

They are eye-catching focal points, adding a touch of fun and brightness to any space while conveying personal messages or names.

  • Weddings

    Neon name signs often feature the wedding couple's surname, both first names, or a meaningful quote. They can be used as a backdrop in a photo booth or a welcome sign at the wedding party. Pick the warm white LED color.

  • Bedrooms

    Neon name signs are famous for displaying private or personal messages, first names, or surnames, adding a personalized touch to the space.

  • Kids' Rooms

    A neon name sign in a child's room is often designed using the child's first name.

  • Man-Caves

    A neon name sign in a garage or man-cave can display the owner's name, a favorite quote, or a personal message, adding a relaxed, customized vibe to the space and creating a unique focal point for the decor.

  • Living Room & House

    In living rooms or houses, neon name signs can serve as welcoming messages or display the family surname, providing a warm and inviting entrance to the home.

  • Business

    Offices or retail outlets often buy a neon name sign to highlight products, features, or offers to customers. These signs can be coupled with business logos, highlighting the brand and a real-life offering.

Psychology of Colors - Using Colors to Alter Mood

Another important consideration when creating a neon name sign is the color of the words and lettering. Color impacts mood, and if the neon sign is going to be in a living space, it's critical to think about the impact the lights will have.

Here are how neon colors impact mood:

Pink: Gentle and nurturing, it can promote feelings of love, compassion, and playfulness.

Red: Energetic and passionate, it can evoke excitement and increase heart rate.

Blue: Calming and soothing, it promotes relaxation and a sense of tranquility.

White: Pure and clean, it symbolizes clarity, simplicity, and new beginnings.

Yellow: Cheerful and optimistic, it can enhance mood and stimulate creativity.

Green: Refreshing and balanced, it symbolizes nature and promotes a sense of harmony.

Purple: Regal and creative, it can evoke a sense of luxury and stimulate the imagination.

Orange: Warm and vibrant, it can create a feeling of enthusiasm and vitality.

Designing and Creating a Custom Neon Sign

Most neon name signs are custom orders or special requests. A bespoke custom neon sign allows customers to design a unique sign to suit their exact requirements, with complete control of every aspect of the sign.

Below are the variables to consider when designing and creating a custom sign.

Customization Options:

Design: Customers can design and customize a one-of-a-kind neon sign with complete creative freedom. Whether it's a personal name, surname, or a company name with a business logo, it can match the style of your choice.

Colors: Customers can choose from 24 colors of LED neon flex (an LED neon lights tube we use to create our signs). Remember, color can impact mood, so choose the color of your custom neon lights carefully.

Fonts: Choosing a font to use on a neon sign is essential as this will be the main focus of the sign. Cursive or modern fonts often suit neon signs best.

Style: Traditional, minimalist, contemporary, retro, modern, avant-garde, art deco, or any other style. The sign's style can suit individual tastes and preferences and align with the customer's vision. It can also be a 2D or 3D shape.

Background Print: Incorporating a UV-printed background onto the sign allows for fine detail that is not achievable with LED neon flex alone. This offers the opportunity to introduce a specific shape, patterns, textures, or graphic elements that add depth and character to the sign.

Mounting Type: Easily install custom neon lights with a wall mounting or hanging kit.

Advanced Features: Remote control and multiple colors are the two most popular features in many options.

Custom Design Custom Design
Any Font Any Font
24 Colors 24 Colors
Any Style Any Style
Color Changing Color Changing
Example idea of a neon wedding sign - Name of the happy couple, The Sylvesters
Example neon name signs for 2 little girls
Custom neon sign with love hearts - LED pink lights

Traditional Neon Signs vs LED Neon Signs

When comparing traditional neon signs to LED neon signs, it's essential to consider their differences in design, energy efficiency, durability, maintenance, and safety. Understanding the unique aspects of each type can help individuals make informed decisions.

Here are the most important differences between a traditional glass neon sign and an LED neon sign:

Customization: Custom neon signs offer unparalleled customization, allowing customers to design unique shapes, intricate patterns, and personalized messages. The ability to choose from a wide range of colors, fonts, and sizes further enhances the customization options, enabling customers to create bespoke neon signs that perfectly align with their vision.

Eco-friendly: Compared to traditional neon signs, custom neon signs are more environmentally friendly. They consume less energy, produce minimal heat, and contain no hazardous gases, contributing to lower carbon emissions and energy efficiency. LED technology also eliminates the need for toxic materials like mercury, making them a sustainable and eco-conscious choice.

Longevity: Modern custom neon signs boast exceptional longevity, spanning 50,000 to 100,000 hours. This longevity reduces maintenance costs.

Ease of maintenance: Custom neon signs require minimal maintenance due to their durable and resilient construction. With solid-state components and no delicate glass tubes, LED neon signs are less prone to breakage and are easier to clean and maintain.

Safety: Modern custom neon signs are designed with safety in mind. They operate at low voltages and produce minimal heat, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and fire hazards.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding neon sign - J&H - name sign

Can I choose any words or names to use on the sign?

Yes - You can choose any name, words, or symbols and designs to use on a neon sign.

How much does a neon name sign cost?

Our name signs typically cost in the range of $300-700.

The price depends on the sign's size, font choice, and any additional elements to the sign.

How many colors can I use on the sign?

We have 24 different colors you can choose from.

How much time is needed to make a neon sign?

We only need 2-3 days actually to make the sign.

We have the fastest turnaround time in the market.

How long is the shipping time on the sign?

Our usual shipping time frame is only 5-6 days.

We use UPS and FedEx Express Post service from our factory.

How long does a neon name sign usually last?

Typically, around 50,000 to 100,000 hours of lighting.

In normal light usage about 15-25 years.

What warranty does the custom neon name sign come with?

We have a 2-year warranty on every neon name sign we sell.

Our signs are built to last, and once mounted on the wall, they usually last for many years without worry.

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