11 Tips on Office Decor Using Neon Artwork and Neon Signs

11 Tips on Office Decor Using Neon Artwork and Neon Signs

When it comes to decorating your office space, neon signs and artwork offer a unique, vibrant approach. As a means of enhancing aesthetics and fostering motivation, they have proven to be a transformative element in workspace design.


1. Why Incorporate Neon Artwork and Signs in Your Office?

1.1 Employee Motivation

Neon signs and artwork, with their distinctive and stylish appeal, can add a touch of individuality to your workspace. Whether it's a humorous design, a personalized logo, or a motivational quote, neon signs provide a versatile range of design possibilities to suit any space.

1.2 Enhancing Corporate Image

Custom neon signs, showcasing your company's logo or a specific quote, can help promote your corporate image. Even whimsical designs can be tailored to create a neon sign perfect for your office space.

1.3 Unique Lighting Solutions

Neon signs offer numerous benefits to businesses, including adding personality and style to your workspace, establishing a strong brand identity, and creating a motivating and welcoming environment.

2. Neon Sign Collections for the Modern Workspace

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, creating an engaging and inspiring workspace is crucial for driving employee motivation and productivity. Let's explore some of the remarkable neon sign collections available.

2.1 Good Vibes Only

High-quality LED neon lights, like the "Good Vibes Only" model, boast a 50,000-hour lifespan and can brighten up any workspace. Custom designs are available, complete with easy-to-install mounting equipment and energy-efficient operation.

2.2 The Power of "Hustle"

The neon office collection features motivating "Hustle" neon sign, reminding you to stay focused, driven, and committed to your goals.

2.3 Home Office Designs

With the rise of remote work, designing stimulating home offices is essential. Stylish and elegant neon signs blend seamlessly with your home decor, transforming your home office into a productive and inspiring space.

3. Displaying Neon Signs in Your Workspace

When it comes to displaying your neon signs, there are several creative options to consider.

3.1 Above the Desk

One of the most common areas for displaying neon signs is above your desk. This not only adds a stylish vibe to your workspace but also keeps you engaged and focused throughout the day.

3.2 On the Main Wall

Consider displaying your neon sign on the main wall of your office to make it stand out. This can serve as a fantastic way to center attention on your office and promote your brand or message.

3.3 Above the Bookshelf

If your office has a bookshelf, placing a neon sign above it can add visual interest and make the space more coordinated.

4. Customizing Your Neon Office Sign

Creating a unique neon sign for your office requires considering several key factors, such as the design concept, font and style, installation, and maintenance.

4.1 Design Concept

Decide on the style and concept for your neon sign. Do you prefer a modern, sleek design, or a more retro, classic look? Consider how the sign will complement the overall style of your office.

4.2 Font and Style

When choosing a font and style, consider aspects like legibility and readability, message and brand identity, aesthetic cohesiveness, contrast and color, simplicity vs. complexity, size and scale, timelessness vs. trendiness, message length, cultural and contextual considerations, testing and mockups, and professional advice.

4.3 Installation and Maintenance

Once your neon sign is created, it needs to be securely installed and connected to the correct wiring. Regular maintenance checks are also essential to ensure the sign's longevity.

5. The Cost of Neon Office Signs

Although custom neon signs often come with a hefty price tag, online design tools have made these products more affordable. For instance, at Voodoo Neon, we offer a bespoke design tool that allows you to freely select text, color, and size at a reasonable price.

Embrace the power of neon signs and artwork to light up your office space. With the right design, you can transform your workspace into a vibrant, motivating environment that fosters productivity and success.  If you're looking for ideas on how you can use neon signs in your office.

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