10 Tips For Winning a Christmas Lights Competition

10 Tips For Winning a Christmas Lights Competition

As the festive season approaches, neighborhoods around the world are transformed into stunningly illuminated wonderlands. The annual tradition of adorning houses with brilliant LED neon signs and enchanting Christmas decorations is a cherished practice that not only spreads holiday cheer but also sparks friendly competition among neighbors. Whether you are a seasoned participant or a first-time contender in your local Christmas lights contest, these expert tips will guide you in creating a captivating LED neon artwork display that outshines the rest.

1. Channel Your Creativity

1.1. Drawing Inspiration

Before you delve into the logistics, it is crucial to ignite your creative spark. Christmas lighting extends beyond simply brightening your home. A unique, inventive design can make a lasting impression and distinguish you from your competitors. To stimulate your creativity, turn to classic holiday films, explore images of previous Christmas lighting contest winners online, or visit renowned Christmas light displays in your area. Social media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram also offer a wealth of inspiration for your LED neon lights design.

1.2. Shaping Your Vision

While it can be tempting to create a spectacle reminiscent of Clark Griswold’s extravagant display, remember that elegance and creativity often triumph over excess. Formulate a design that is both distinctive and cohesive. Your theme could be anything from a winter wonderland to a homage to classic Christmas films. The key is to ensure your LED neon artwork aligns with your chosen theme, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing display.

2. Building a Robust Game Plan

2.1. Master Plan Creation

With a clear vision in mind, the next step is to construct a comprehensive game plan. This involves mapping out your display, detailing the placement of your LED lights, and noting any additional Christmas decorations required. Be meticulous in your planning, as this will serve as your blueprint during the installation process, helping you stay true to your design concept.

2.2. Choosing the Right Equipment

Your choice of equipment can greatly impact the overall aesthetic of your display. Opt for commercial-grade LED neon signs to ensure superior brightness and quality. Keep in mind the need for installation hardware such as clips and stakes to keep your LED lights in place and maintain straight lines along your driveway, walkways, or property borders.

3. Prioritizing Quality

3.1. Investing in High-Quality Lights

The cornerstone of your display is undoubtedly your lights. Investing in high-quality LED lights is essential for both aesthetic and practical reasons. High-quality, commercial-grade LED neon lights provide a steady, vibrant glow without the flicker sometimes associated with lower-end models. Furthermore, they are more durable, reducing the risk of malfunction that could jeopardize your display.

3.2. Considering Energy Efficiency

While you want your display to be impressive, it’s important to ensure you don’t overload your home’s electrical system. LED lights are a popular choice due to their energy efficiency. To keep track of your energy usage, consider using tools like a wattmeter.

4. Ensuring Safety

4.1. Being Cautious During Installation

While setting up your display, safety should be your top priority. Use sturdy ladders, wear appropriate footwear, and avoid working in hazardous weather conditions. Always keep safety precautions in mind, especially when working at heights or handling electrical equipment.

4.2. Involve Kids Safely

If your children are eager to help, assign them tasks that are safe and suitable for their age. Make sure they understand the safety rules and keep a close eye on them during the decorating process.

5. Seeking Professional Assistance

5.1. Hiring Professionals

If your community’s contest rules permit, consider hiring professionals to design and install your display. Not only can they create a stunning LED neon artwork for your home, but they can also ensure safe and efficient installation.

5.2. Utilizing Online Resources

The internet is a treasure trove of tips, tutorials, and inspiration for Christmas light displays. Join online forums, watch tutorial videos, and don’t hesitate to reach out to experts for advice. Remember, you're not alone in this endeavor and there's a whole community ready to help you shine brighter.

6. Remembering the True Spirit of Christmas

Finally, while winning the contest would be a thrilling achievement, remember that the true joy lies in the process itself. Decorating your home with LED neon signs and LED lights, and seeing your neighborhood come alive with the spirit of Christmas is a reward in itself. So, enjoy the journey, spread the holiday cheer, and let your home shine bright this festive season.


Participating in a Christmas neon lights competition can be a rewarding and fun-filled experience. With careful planning, creativity, and attention to detail, you can transform your home into a stunning display of LED neon artwork that captivates your community and potentially earns you the winning title. Just remember, whether you secure the first prize or not, the real victory lies in the joy and festive spirit your decorations bring to your neighborhood.

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