Purple Neon Signs & Lights

Excellent purple neon signs for a beautiful neon purple aesthetic - room, home, and business decor.

Purple Neon Signs for Business, Wedding & Home Decor

Aesthetic allure meets modern technology in the form of a purple neon sign, imbuing spaces with an ambiance of mystical charm. Whether a bustling café or a tranquil yoga studio, a purple LED neon sign casts a soothing glow that enhances the customer experience.

These LED neon signs, embodying the vibrancy of neon purple, are becoming staples in interior design, sought after for their blend of style and functionality. The color purple is designed to command attention and act as a focal point in any room, infusing it with personality and flair. Neon signs for home are no longer just a nostalgic nod to the past; they have evolved with the times, allowing individuals to hand-pick and customize their slice of luminescence with custom neon designs.

Entrepreneurs and homeowners alike are drawn to the distinctive allure of the neon purple light-up sign, with its capacity to create a unique, inviting space. Eco-friendly and enduring, a purple LED sign is emblematic of the shift towards sustainable decor solutions that do not sacrifice aesthetics.

People can craft a specific mood or vibe within a room, using a purple neon sign to encapsulate their vision, turning a simple space into a realm of enchantment. These signs are energy-efficient and kid-safe, making them a practical choice for any environment.

Purple Neon Light-Up Signs FAQ

Neon sign idea for office - LED of the word "Werk"

Can purple neon signs be customized?

Purple neon signs are fully customizable, with our custom neon sign service allowing customers to tailor size and font and pick from a palette of 24 vivid purple hues. Whether for decorative allure indoors or making an impact outdoors, these signs come with multiple mounting options and allow customers to choose a specific design.

You can create custom neon signs for personalized decor with just a few clicks.

Are you interested in creating a custom neon sign? Please submit a request using our custom quote form.

How much do purple neon signs cost?

A purple neon sign costs between $100 to $500, averaging about $400, while custom neon signs can run from $300 to $1,000, depending on intricacy and scale.

How can neon purple signs be used in decor?

Incorporate a purple neon sign into your decor for a dynamic boost. It is perfect for vivifying a personal space, a living space, a wedding venue, or special occasions. It has a particular charm in environments curated for a feminine touch, nurturing a sense of calm and enhanced ambiance.

What tones of purple neon are there?

Purple neon signs exude enchantment, infusing spaces with a comfortable radiance and transforming them into captivating environments.

What does the color purple neon mean?

Our collection spans the purple spectrum, from the light whimsy of lavender to the rich depths of violet, catering to diverse preferences and decor themes.

As a color, purple neon radiates comfort and hospitality, is often associated with joy and pampering, and is ideal for feminine-focused or tranquil spaces.

What is the warranty on a neon sign?

We back our premium quality with a 2-year warranty for all our neon signs, assuring fault-free performance and customer satisfaction.

What is the return policy?

Our return policy covers any defects, and we have a dedicated team to assist you with returns or replacements.

What is the shipping timeframe?

Deliveries are swift. They are dispatched through FedEx or UPS and will reach you via Express Post in 5-6 days.

What is the shipping cost?

Every neon sign ships free of charge, ensuring no hidden costs.

Customers who bought a purple neon light-up sign said ..

The neon purple sign is an ideal addition to my bedroom’s decor.


I was thrilled with the neon sign, and a big shoutout to the support team for their assistance.


The installation of the neon purple sign was a breeze, and it matched the provided image ideally - appreciation to all involved!

It was easy to hang, and it added a perfect touch to our wedding reception. The mauve color created a memorable atmosphere for our special occasion.