Neon Open Signs - Professional Guide & Advice

In this piece, I offer my advice on neon open signs.

In today's competitive business landscape, every brick-and-mortar business must take advantage of every available option.

This article aims to provide valuable insights and practical tips on leveraging neon open signs, covering the benefits, the various types available, and the advantages of using modern technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Neon open signs can be used for any business - including restaurants, bars, offices, retail stores, or venues.
  • Custom neon open signs offer a more bespoke option for business.
  • Pre-designed neon open signs come in hundreds of options, providing low-price options on standard designs.
  • The open sign's size, location, colors, and design matter the most.

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We use the neon sign in our bar window - it looks great. Thanks, Voodoo!

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I bought some signs for our upstairs business. Working with Chris was easy, and the signs were fast delivered. We needed something to stand out on the street, as we only have an entry door, and this sign does the trick!

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The neon open sign is bright and loud - precisely what we wanted for our shop. The LED lights are great. Cheers to Chris and Voodoo - Ya'll are the best for helping us.

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Benefits of Neon Open Signs

Neon open signs are apparent and attract attention, drawing potential customers to your business.

Their vibrant and eye-catching display communicates openness and invites foot traffic, especially during evening hours. Thus, they ultimately increase visibility, foot traffic, and potential sales.

  • Above Entryways

    Mount to the wall, either forward-facing or side-mounted, so that people can easily see it down the sidewalk.

    It's the most visible, but it might be too far removed from eye level to be seen when a customer is up close.

  • Shop Door

    Hung in the window of a door is a reasonably good place, as most people look to the door when seeing if a shop is open.

    Run the cable over the door hinge to avoid any cabling complications.

  • Shop Window

    The most common place to position a neon open sign is in the shop window - it can be hung, mounted to the side panel, or stuck to the window.

    We prefer hanging or mounting cables as this allows them to be neatly hidden.

Using the Right Color for a Neon Open Sign

Choosing the right color for your neon open sign is vital - the wrong color will make it hard to see or not stand out enough.

Colors to Choose: We recommend red, yellow, pink, or white. Red seems to be a standard color and is energetic. Yellow is also a popular color and is considered cheerful and happy. Pink and white (cool and warm white) are also good options; they are inviting and welcoming colors. These four colors are easy to see for people of all ages.

Colors Not to Choose: We suggest not choosing blue or green. Some people find these colors hard to see, as their wavelengths are longer, and the retina has to work harder to make them out. They are also less vibrant and don't stand out as much.

Designing and Creating Custom Open Signs

When considering the investment in a custom open sign, it's essential to know the options that can be tailored to suit.

Here are the variables you can customize:

Design: Customers can use a bespoke design for their open sign. This design can include words on the sign, picture, company name, business logo, or artwork.

Colors: Customers have a choice of 24 colors, which enables them to match their brand or tailor the colors to match a theme.

Fonts: Customers can use a brand font or choose any font they wish to use for the sign.

Background Print: UV-printed backgrounds offer detailed graphic elements (like intricate logos or artwork) that add depth and character to the sign.

Mounting Type: A custom open sign can be mounted almost anywhere. We create the sign to suit your desired display location.

Advanced Features: Remote control, flashing, or multiple colors are popular advanced features that customers can consider.

Traditional Neon Signs vs LED Neon Signs

When contrasting traditional neon open signs with LED neon signs, it's crucial to evaluate their distinctions in design, energy efficiency, durability, maintenance, and safety. Grasping the unique characteristics of each type can aid individuals in making well-informed choices.

Here are the key variances between a traditional glass neon sign and an LED neon sign:

Customization: LED neon signs offer unmatched customization, allowing customers to design unique shapes, intricate patterns, and personalized messages. The wide range of colors, fonts, and sizes further enhances the customization options.

Eco-Friendly: LED neon signs are more environmentally friendly than traditional neon signs. They consume less energy, produce minimal heat, and contain no hazardous gases, contributing to lower carbon emissions and energy efficiency.

Longevity: Modern custom neon signs boast exceptional longevity, spanning 50,000 to 100,000 hours, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Ease of Maintenance: LED neon signs require minimal maintenance due to their durable and resilient construction. With solid-state components and no delicate glass tubes, they are less prone to breakage and more accessible to clean and maintain.

Safety: LED neon signs are made to operate at low voltages and produce minimal heat.


Attracting people to your brick-and-mortar retail business is difficult at the best of times - it is challenging if people are walking past and are unsure if your store is open.

A bright neon open sign attracts the eye and indicates that your store is open for business.

Talk to our team today about how we can make a custom open sign for your business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Red open sign outside a shop

How long does it take to make a neon sign?

It typically takes 2-3 days to make LED open signs.

How long is the delivery?

Typically, 5-6 days via Express Post.

How do I mount a neon sign?

We have many options on how you can mount your neon sign, including mounting in a glass window or door, wall pins, wall screws, sticky pads, hanging wire, and hanging chains. We provide instructions on how to mount and install the neon sign.

How many colors can I choose from?

We have 24 different colors to choose from. A sign can use one or many colors. We have a color chart we can share.

How many fonts can be used?

We can use almost any font in our LED open signs; our library has over 100,000 fonts.

Can you design a neon sign for me?

Yes, our expert design team has built thousands of signs. We know what looks good and works and what it takes to make a high-quality, impressive sign. You will approve the final design.

Does the sign come with a power supply?

Yes - Our signs all come with an appropriate power supply to suit the sign. All of our power supplies are UL-tested and US-certified. We have a 2-year warranty and a full refund policy in place.

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Neon open signs are just the beginning, but they always form the basis of every good brick-and-mortar store - what is a shop without a decent open sign?

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