The 4 Best Neon Signs In New Orleans

The 4 Best Neon Signs In New Orleans

New Orleans, renowned for its vibrant night life, has a unique charm that draws city dwellers into its alluring streets. Among the various signs that guide their way, the neon lights stand out as the most captivating. This vintage form of neon signage has been a part of the city's culture for nearly a century, and its popularity continues to grow with time.

The Magnetic Appeal of Neon

Neon signage, an art form that first made its mark in the late 1940s, has remained a dominant presence in New Orleans. Its radiant glow became a symbol of post-war modernity and the booming capitalist spirit of the Cold War era. From its inception, neon signs were associated with the city's diverse array of entertainment venues.

Neon signage ensured that bars and restaurants in New Orleans were dressed to impress and ready to provide a respite from the bustling city life.

Whether you're a businessman seeking a secluded booth, a couple of martinis, and a juicy steak, or if you're in search of a more playful atmosphere, neon signs guide you to your desired destination. The vibrant neon ribeye sign of the Crescent City Steakhouse is a notable example. For a more whimsical experience, Café 615/Da Wabbit, located on the West Bank of New Orleans, features a Roger Rabbit-style character outlined in bright blue neon.

This form of signage quickly became integral to New Orleans' culinary architecture, adding an element of intrigue and pleasing aesthetics to the city's night life. Much like the city itself, neon signage in New Orleans oscillates between grit and glamour, creating a continuously engaging visual experience.

The Journey of Neon: From Rise to Fall and Revival

Unfortunately, the city lost several of its iconic neon signs during Hurricane Katrina. However, the decline of neon began between the 1970s and 1990s, when businesses started considering this form of branding as outdated.

Jerry Therio, owner of New Orleans Neon, started collecting neon signs in the 1970s. He managed to save over 3,000 pieces, some of which are still functional after 70 years.

Despite the setbacks, neon signage has made a remarkable comeback in recent years. A modern-day tour of New Orleans reveals several well-preserved neon signs, providing a glimpse into the city's past while adding a unique charm to its present.

The Modern Neon Landscape of New Orleans

A short trip to the neighboring parish of Metairie reveals a host of neon signs. Amid the newly constructed fast food joints and strip malls, these signs flicker with a nostalgic charm. The 24-hour Sweet Things & Grill, adorned with pink neon, is a favorite spot for late-night cheese fries and slices of pie. A little further away, the Lamp Lighter Lounge's sign, scripted in azure, sails into the sky, adding an element of beauty and allure to the area.

1. Dawabbit

Dawabbit neon sign

  • 615 Kepler Street
  • Gretna, Louisiana
  • (504) 365-1225

2. Saturn Bar

Saturn Bar neon sign

  • 3067 St. Claude Avenue
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • (504) 949-7532

3. Crescent City Steaks

Crescent City Steaks neon sign

  • 1001 North Broad Street
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • (504) 821-3271

4. Ted's Frostops

Ted's Frostop neon sign frontage

  • 3100 Calhoun Street
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • (504) 861-3615


New Orleans, a city known for reinvention and electrifying experiences, continues to be a beacon of light in the world of neon signage. Even in the digital age, the allure of neon signs remains undiminished. Whether you're seeking a complete transformation or just a memorable evening, the neon lights of New Orleans are always ready to guide you.

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