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Color: Multi-Color
Size: 40" x 14" (Width & Height :: 100cm x 36cm)
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Features & Advantages

FREE Express Shipping

All orders placed with Voodoo Neon qualify for FREE World-Wide Express shipping - Our usual shipping providers are DHL & Fedex.

Handmade & Crafted

Our team of LED neon experts hand craft every single product that we sell from scratch. Lovingly made we give every product we sell a personal, hands on touch in its creation.

2 Year Warranty

Every product that we sell comes with a 2 year warranty against electrical fault. Read our warranty page for more detailed information.

Easy to Install

Our products come with the option for mounting screws, hanging chain, or hanging wire. Easy to install on your wall, in your window, or from your ceiling.

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Ignite the spirit of tropical paradise with the Aloha Neon Sign from Voodoo Neon. More than just a piece of wall art, this LED light-up sign is a vibrant beacon of positivity and enthusiasm that adds an irresistibly cool vibe to any space. A stunning blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality, the Aloha Neon Sign transforms ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces.

Crafted with high-quality LED neon lights, this decor piece radiates a mesmerizing luminosity that effortlessly captures attention. Its radiant glow illuminates your environment with warmth, mimicking the captivating allure of a Hawaiian sunset. The Aloha Neon Sign doesn't just light up a room; it lures in positivity, joy, and a sense of adventure.

The sign's design marries inspiration with innovation, showcasing Voodoo Neon's commitment to creative excellence. Each detail of the sign serves as a testament to our passion for delivering products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations. The harmonious blend of vibrant colors and shapely design elements results in a sign that is as visually compelling as its message.

Perfect for businesses seeking to create an inviting atmosphere or individuals looking to amplify their home decor with a touch of brightness and positivity, the Aloha Neon Sign is more than just an LED sign—it's an opportunity to create an experience. Whether you're bringing life to your cafe or adding a motivational touch to your workspace, this neon light sign promises to make an impression.

Embrace the Voodoo Neon promise of quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction with the Aloha Neon Sign. This product isn't just another decor item; it's a statement piece that adds character and charm to any space it graces. So why wait? Experience the magic today with our enchanting Aloha Neon Sign.

Sizing chart for Aloha: Neon Sign
  1. Small > Width 20" (50cm) x Height 8" (19cm)
  2. Medium > Width 29.5" (75cm) x Height 11" (28cm)
  3. Large > Width 40" (100cm) x Height 15" (37cm)
  4. XL > Width 47" (125cm) x Height 18" (46cm)
  5. 2XL > Width 59" (150cm) x Height 22" (55cm)
  6. 3XL > Width 79" (200cm) x Height 29" (73cm)
  7. 4XL > Width 99" (250cm) x Height 36" (91cm)
Note: All of our signs are custom made from scratch and measurements can vary 1-2" (2-5cm).

Ideas & Inspiration:

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Babe-Cave, Business Signs, Home Decor, Lounge, Office, Teen & Dorm Room

FAQ About Our Products

Product FAQ

What is the product warranty?

We stand by the quality of our products, offering a two-year warranty covering electrical components for appropriate use.

View our warranty here.

What is the shipping and returns policy?

We understand buying online can be daunting, so we've made our shipping and return policies transparent and customer-friendly.

View our policy here.

Will the neon sign match the product image?

We've designed all of our neon sign products to be easily produced, and made.

Having said that, our neon signs are all handmade, by humans, and by its very nature there will be minor differences between signs. We have limited this impact.

Those differences will be very minor, and not diminish from the sign quality, style or message whatsoever.

  • The sign size will be within 1" of the size selected
  • The LED lights of the sign will match to the color(s) selected

Does it come with a power supply and plug?

Yes - all of our ready-made neon signs come with a USA approved and tested power supply and plug.

How much is shipping?

Shipping on all of neon signs is completely FREE.

How do I look after the neon sign?

Our LED lights are very easy to care for. The most important aspects in order to care for your LED neon sign are to dust it regularly, switch it off occasionally, and ensure that you hang or mount in an appropriate location. If you do these things you'll have minimal issues getting to 50,000 hours.

What are the technical specifications of this sign?

Technical Specifications are:

  • Comes with a dimmer and controller for the sign
  • 4-6 foot power cord
  • 12v with a power supply to suit 110v (USA licensed, UL tested)
  • Lifetime of LED > Upto 50,000 hours
  • Complies with CE and ROHS International Safety standards
  • Uses flexible LED Light strips mounted onto an acrylic backboard with hanging/mounting holes
  • Noiseless operation

What lights are used in the sign?

Our signs use LED lights - they are bright, fast to illuminate, dimmable and environmentally friendly (they use low power 12v power).

Does the sign come with an installation kit?

Yes - All of our signs come with an installation kit. Here are the options for our signs:

  • Flat/flush wall screw kit (default)
  • Metal pins (hold the sign 1/2" off the wall, a great visual effect with light radiating behind the sign)
  • Sticky tabs/tape (useful for rental housing or accommodation where you can't drill into the wall)
  • Hanging wire
  • Hanging chains
  • Desk stand

By default our signs come with a flat to wall screw option. Additional costs are associated to the other options.

What some of our happy customers say ..

Thanks for the excellent service Voodoo Neon.

The neon sign looks great.

Sarah Majors Sarah Majors

The sign we bought looks great.

Eye-catching, and just like the design.

Tom D Tom D

Bought a ready-made sign - It was good quality and works perfectly.


Nicole C Nicole C

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