2024 LED neon sign survey and data analysis

2024 Business Customer Survey – Insights and Analysis

We conducted a survey of our customers over the last 12 months.  Our survey was design to ask pertinent questions of our past business customers to better help future business customers as to what they considered important, and what impacts and outcomes they experienced.

In an era where 91% of individuals engage with online reviews at least monthly, and a staggering 82% let these reviews guide their choices in services—and where technology's rapid integration into the business landscape redefines consumer expectations - we at Voodoo Neon recognize the shifting paradigms. The 2024 Business Customer Survey delves deep into these trends, unveiling how innovative lighting solutions like LED neon signs are not just catching the eye of businesses owners but are fundamentally transforming advertising strategies and customer experiences. The survey results shed light on how application of these vibrant lights in advertising are not just a preference but a necessity in standing out in the market.

Armed with insights from business owners across various sectors, this LED neon sign survey marks a pivotal moment in understanding market needs and preferences. It's evident that LED neon signs are more than just an aesthetic choice; their benefits span cost-efficiency, durability, and unparalleled creative freedom, directly impacting customer satisfaction and brand personality expression. As we journey through the analysis, we'll explore not just the survey results but also how these insights can propel businesses toward innovative advertising solutions that resonate with today's tech-savvy consumer base. This is not only an introduction to groundbreaking statistical data but a gateway to reimagining the future of business lighting and advertisement strategies.

The Questions we Asked Business Owners

  1. Why did you buy a sign in 2023/2024?
    1. Brick and mortar marketing
    2. Branding to complete the store/office design and layout
    3. Internal marketing ploy/social media photo backdrop
    4. Focus of team/motivation
  2. How did the business physically place the LED neon sign?
    1. Outdoor
    2. Indoor
    3. Portable
  3. Objective thought on the LED neon sign quality?
    1. Excellent
    2. Good
    3. Fair
    4. Below average
    5. Bad
  4. If you could improve anything about the LED neon sign what would you improve? (multiple answer)
    1. Color changing
    2. Outdoor
    3. Larger
    4. Change of type
    5. Nothing
  5. How much did you spend on the LED neon sign for your business?
    1. Less than $500
    2. $500 to $1000
    3. $1000 to $2000
    4. Over $2000
  6. Did you get a custom LED neon sign made?
    1. Yes (explain)
    2. No
  7. How large was the LED neon sign you got manufactured?
    1. Under 20” wide
    2. 20” to 30” wide
    3. 30” to 40” wide
    4. 40” to 60” wide
    5. Over 60” wide
  8. What was the type of LED neon sign?
    1. Channel letter sign
    2. LED neon sign
    3. Dynamic LED neon sign
    4. RGB LED neon sign
    5. Backlit LED neon sign
    6. Other
  9. Your business turnover?
    1. Under $1m
    2. $1m to $5m
    3. $5m to $20m
    4. Over $20m
  10. Objectively do you feel the sign offers advantages to your store? (multiple)
    1. Standing out more against competitors
    2. Improving visibility of our store
    3. Clearly shows our brand
    4. Clearly shows our unique offering
    5. Gets positive comments by customers
    6. Improves our business in some other way (explain)
  11. How long have you been in business?
    1. Less than 1 year
    2. 1 to 3 years
    3. Over 3 years
and the survey results are in


Survey Results - Q&A Summary Analysis

We conducted a survey of businesses across various industries, asking questions about the signs they considered, the signs they bought, impacts and thoughts about the future of visual marketing.

  1. Overwhelmingly customers bought an LED neon sign to complement their brick-and-mortar store location, with 59% responding to A. B was second with 21%.
  2. A – 60%, B – 40%, C – 0%. Overwhelmingly customers bought their LED neon sign for outdoor use, 40% wanted for indoor use in their store or office, and no business customers wanted a portable sign (even though some were food trucks!).
  3. 80% answered A, 20% answered B, no other answers were recorded.
  4. A - 28%, B - 3%, C - 19%, D - 0%, E – 50%. Over 50% of respondents answered they wouldn’t change anything, which did surprize us – we expected some customers but not 50%.  No customers said they wanted a different type of sign, only 3% said they wanted an outdoor capable sign, 28% said they would have liked a color changing sign, and 19% said they would have liked a larger sign.
  5. 65% answered C, 23% answered D, 9% answered B, 3% answered A. Company and brand LED neon signs are typically larger, more complicated, and this pushes money spent towards the higher brackets of pricing.
  6. Over 80% answered A, and 20% answered B. Our data shows business customers mostly wanted a custom LED neon sign to suit their brand and logo design.
  7. Customers said they order 40” to 60” wide option the most, with over 70% ordering this size range. 30” to 40” wide size range garnered 15% of the answers.
  8. Overwhelmingly B was answered with 60%, and C and D tied with 14% each and A and E below 6% each and other had no answers.
  9. Our customers answered A with 43%, B with 22% and C with 27%. We think is likely smaller turned over start up business setting up their store or business with their branding.  Those larger businesses either re-branding, re-badging their premises, or adding more establishments.
  10. In nearly all of the responses the business owner said the sign improved the visibility of their store, and garnered positive comments from customers, with 87% and 76% respectively, in third place was that the sign showed the businesses unique offering at 57% and 50% said that their store stood out more against competitors.
  11. Most of the businesses surveyed were within their first year of trade (at 78%) and 15% answered 1 to 3 years, and 7% answered over 3 years. Businesses were either purchasing a sign where there wasn’t one previously, or as a replacement with one comment, “To improve our ability to stand out”.

From open comments on the survey form, we found customers gave us some invaluable insights:

“We think the sign has had a massive impact on our social media – customers are sharing our brand and location on social media more than ever”

“We’re astounded at the amount of shares on social media and the boost in product sold – we’ve never sold this much ice-cream!  Easily a 10-15% lift in sales”

“We’re definitely the brightest store front on our street”

“The design process was easy and our logo looks great as a neon sign”

“I found that working backwards and forwards with the design team refined the design – this was essential to making the design perfectly suited to what I wanted.  At first I was worried but the resulting sign when it was delivered exceeded my expectations”

“I had to go through and take a proactive approach in choosing fonts – it definitely helped having a consultant who knew all the options”

“Having a good quality logo prior to making the sign helped get the design exactly matched to our brand – now we have an LED neon sign that is perfectly matched to our logo and brand”


Additional Data & Analysis

In addition to the survey results above, we also took our own internal sales and order data, anonymized it, and then analyzed the data.  Based on these thousands of orders we were able to show some interesting statistics specifically about our business customers.  We show the following key statistics and analysis from that data:

  • Business customers spent on average $1025 on their sign order.
  • Business customers once satisfied with the quality from a supplier had a re-order rate of 23% with the second sign often costing 30% more than the initial sign order.
  • 95% of customers chose to mount their signs on a wall or flat surface, and use the mounting pins which hold the sign ½” off a wall (allowing for the lovely back-glow effect).
  • 98% of customers are based in North America (United States and Canada) > given we only sell in USD this makes sense.


The Rising Popularity of LED Neon Signs

As we delve into the nuances of the LED neon signs, it's thrilling to observe its dynamic growth and widespread acceptance across various sectors. Here are some compelling insights:

  • Market Growth and Value: The LED neon sign market is on an impressive trajectory, with projections indicating a leap from USD 1.3 Billion in 2022 to USD 2.5 Billion by 2032. This growth, pegged at a CAGR of 6.6% from 2023 to 2032, underscores the burgeoning appeal and application of these vibrant signs across the globe.
  • Regional Dominance and Expansion: The Asia-Pacific region has emerged as a frontrunner, boasting a market share of approximately USD 420 million in 2022. North America is not far behind, expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 7% through 2032. This geographical spread highlights the global allure of LED neon signs, from bustling metropolises in Asia to vibrant cities across North America.
  • Versatility and Efficiency: LED neon signs are celebrated for their versatility, energy efficiency, and longevity. These attributes make them a preferred choice for not just commercial applications but also personal and interior design uses. Their ability to be customized allows businesses and homeowners alike to inject a unique personality into their spaces.

This section serves as an introduction to other statistical data, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of how LED neon signs are revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals think about lighting and design.

Benefits Over Traditional Neon

In the vibrant world of business advertising, LED neon signs have emerged as a stellar alternative to traditional neon, blending aesthetics with eco-friendliness. Let's delve into why LED neon signs are not just a choice but a necessity for modern businesses:

  • Design Flexibility and Safety:
  • LED neon signs offer an expansive palette for creativity with their ability to mold into various designs and patterns, matching the brightness and color spectrum of traditional neon.
  • Unlike their traditional counterparts, LED signs are non-toxic and shatterproof, eliminating risks associated with harmful chemicals and glass breakage.
  • Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective:
  • Consuming significantly less energy, LED neon signs are a testament to efficiency, reducing electricity bills and environmental impact.
  • Their durability and minimal maintenance requirements make LED neon signs a cost-effective solution, boasting a lifespan that, while slightly shorter than traditional neon, offers considerable savings in long-term operational costs.
  • Customization and Application:
  • With thousands of programmable lights, LED neon signs can be tailored to display an array of colors, patterns, and animations, making them perfect for expressing brand personality and capturing customer attention.
  • Their flexibility and easy installation process allow for innovative applications across various business settings, from interior design accents to eye-catching outdoor advertisements.

Embracing LED neon signs means investing in a brighter, safer, and more sustainable future for business advertising.

Impact on Customer Experience

In the realm of business, the customer experience is paramount, and the ambiance of a space significantly contributes to this. LED neon signs, with their vibrant and customizable nature, play a pivotal role in shaping these experiences. Here's how:

  • Brand Recognition and Atmosphere Creation:
  • Visual Appeal: Custom LED neon signs are inherently eye-catching, their brightness and vibrancy drawing the attention of potential customers from afar. This visibility is crucial in high-traffic areas, ensuring a business stands out.
  • Brand Image: By aligning the design of LED neon signs with a brand's image, colors, and slogan, businesses can reinforce their identity, making it easier for customers to recognize and remember them.
  • Atmospheric Influence: The unique ability of LED neon signs to create a distinctive atmosphere, whether warm and inviting or energetic and dynamic, directly impacts how customers feel about a business. This ambiance can turn a casual visitor into a loyal customer.
  • Engagement and Interaction:
  • Interactive Campaigns: Marketing campaigns leveraging LED neon signs invite consumer interaction, turning passive observers into active participants. This engagement not only increases attention but also enhances brand loyalty.
  • Social Sharing: The 'Instagrammable' quality of LED neon signs encourages customers to share their experiences online, boosting a brand's visibility and engagement across social platforms.
  • Emotional Connection and Experience:
  • Emotional Resonance: The creative and thematic use of LED neon signs can evoke specific emotions, from nostalgia to excitement, creating a memorable customer experience.
  • Event Theming: For businesses hosting events, themed LED neon displays offer a unique and immersive environment, encouraging repeat visits and fostering a sense of community among customers.

Through these avenues, LED neon signs significantly impact customer experience, enhancing brand recognition, encouraging engagement, and fostering an emotional connection that translates into loyalty and business growth.

Expressing Brand Personality

Expressing brand personality through custom LED neon signs is not just about lighting up a space; it's about making a statement, telling a story, and creating a memorable experience for customers. Here's how businesses can effectively showcase their unique identity:

  1. Custom Design and Brand Identity:
  • Each LED neon sign is crafted to specifications, allowing for a perfect representation of brand personality with vibrant colors, innovative designs, and distinctive lettering.
  • Incorporating a business logo into LED neon signs not only enhances brand recognition but also strengthens the connection between the brand and its audience.
  1. Creative Brand Messaging:
  • Customizable color palettes and dynamic lighting effects offer endless possibilities for conveying brand messages and reflecting brand traits.
  • Artistic collaborations and versatile applications enable businesses to create interactive displays, fostering an engaging shopping experience and making spaces more inviting.
  1. Social Media Engagement:
  • LED neon signs serve as an ideal backdrop for customer photos, encouraging social media sharing and increasing online presence.
  • Unique, 'Instagrammable' points of interest created with LED neon signs boost a brand’s aesthetic appeal and online engagement, offering a modern twist to advertising.

By leveraging the customizable and versatile nature of LED neon signs, businesses can effectively communicate their brand message, enhance customer experience, and establish a strong brand identity in a competitive market.

Creative Uses in Business Settings

In the bustling world of business, LED neon signs are not just lights; they're a canvas for creativity and expression. Taking inspiration from the iconic Old Drake in Chicago, businesses across various industries are discovering the transformative power of these vibrant signs. Here’s a glimpse into how LED neon signs are being creatively used in business settings:

  • By Industry Applications:
  • Hospitality: From chic boutique hotels to cozy cafés, LED neon signs create welcoming atmospheres that invite guests to relax and enjoy.
  • Retail: Eye-catching window displays featuring custom logos and promotional messages attract passersby, turning foot traffic into sales.
  • Corporate: Offices and corporate events use LED neon signs for branding, adding a modern twist to company logos and values.
  • Customization Options:
  • Design & Messaging: With an array of colors, sizes, and shapes, businesses can tailor their signage to match their unique brand identity, from elegant script for luxury brands to bold, modern fonts for tech companies.
  • Installation Spaces: Whether it’s a statement piece in the lobby, motivational quotes in workspaces, or thematic designs for special events, LED neon signs flexibly adapt to various spaces and purposes.
  • Trending Uses:
  • Social Media Hotspots: Creating 'Instagrammable' corners with thematic LED neon signs, like the "Love Wall" or branded hashtags, encourages customer interaction and online sharing.
  • Seasonal Displays: Businesses adapt their décor with temporary LED neon signs for holidays and special events, keeping their ambiance fresh and engaging.

Through these creative applications, LED neon signs offer businesses a dynamic tool to enhance their brand presence, engage with customers, and create memorable experiences.

Choosing the Right LED Neon Sign for Your Business

Choosing the right LED neon sign for your business is a nuanced process that involves several key considerations to maximize impact and align with your brand's identity. Here's a structured approach to guide you through this decision:

Key Considerations for Selection:

  1. Placement and Size:
  • Visibility: Ensure the sign is placed where it can easily catch the eye of your customers, such as a storefront or a central location within an interior space.
  • Proportions: The size should be proportional to the space, ensuring it's neither too overwhelming nor too small to be noticed.
  1. Design Elements:
  • Brand Consistency: Incorporate elements of your brand, such as logos or color schemes, to strengthen brand recognition.
  • Message Clarity: Choose fonts and colors that reflect your brand's personality while ensuring the message is easily readable from a distance.

Maintenance and Longevity:

  • Supplier Quality: Opt for a reputable supplier known for high-quality signs to ensure longevity and performance.
  • Care Tips: Regular dusting and protection from extreme conditions are essential. Consult a professional for any repairs to maintain optimal functionality.

Environmental and Cost Considerations:

  • Eco-Friendly Options: Consider the environmental impact, opting for signs that are energy-efficient and have a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Budgeting: Evaluate the cost against the benefits of durability, maintenance needs, and the sign's potential to attract more business.

By meticulously evaluating these factors, businesses can select an LED neon sign that not only enhances their physical space but also contributes positively to their branding and customer experience.


We hope that our data, analysis and insights help our business customers with their own purchase of an LED neon sign – understanding past business customer feedback, thoughts, pricing analysis and what they consider as important looking back on their experience.

Throughout this exploration of the transformative power of LED neon signs in the business landscape, we have journeyed through crucial aspects of market trends, distinctive benefits, impacts on customer experiences, brand personality expression, and creative applications in various business settings. The insights gleaned from the 2024 Business Customer Survey illuminate not just the growing popularity of LED neon signs but also their essential role in modern advertising strategies. By showcasing how these vibrant signs contribute to brand recognition, customer engagement, and ultimately business growth, we underline the necessity of adopting innovative lighting solutions in today's competitive market.

As we contemplate the future of advertising and consumer interaction, it's clear that LED neon signs are at the forefront of crafting memorable and immersive brand experiences. The versatility, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of these signs are unmatched, paving the way for business owners to tap into creative freedom and technological innovation. By adhering to the key considerations in selection and understanding the vast potential of LED neon signs for expressing brand identity, businesses are equipped to make informed decisions that align with their ethos and goals. The significance of these findings extends beyond mere statistics, suggesting a brighter horizon for businesses willing to embrace the dynamism and allure of LED neon signs.

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